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Cover Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing E-book

Improve your company's activities using lean manufacturing tools. Increase overall productivity,efficiency, worker safety, and product quality. Download our e-book to learn all about lean manufacturing, its benefits, the different techniques, and how you can implement lean manufacturing in your organization.

Cover 5S audit

5S audit Checklist

Streamline your audit process with our 5s audit checklist designed to support industrial companies. Use this template to optimize and run through your standard audit checklist procedure.

cover Gemba Walk

Gemba Walk Checklist

Do you want to become a lean company, but are Gemba Walks not yet implemented? If that's the case, a Gemba Walk checklist might help you document first-hand observations of what's going on on the shop floor. Gain more insight and use the gemba walk checklist to optimize procedures and minimize waste.

Cover Quality Control

Quality control Checklist

Manage and improve the quality of your operations, reduce human errors and boost quality control by using our effective quality controle checklist. Time to successfully complete your quality controls and save
unnecessary stress!

Cover ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Guide - How to pursue ISO Standards with a Manufacturing QMS

We are in a new age where digital tools are the way to improve quality standards and make your company ISO 9001 compliant. In this ebook we explain the possibilities of setting up a quality management system and the added value of an ISO 9001 certificate for an organisation. Achieve stress- free ISO compliance!

Cover Quality Management

Quality Management in Industry 4.0

Boost the Quality Management of your organization by choosing the right QMS tool. Easily prepare your quality systems, procedures and process improvements. Download our ebook and learn innovative strategies that align with your quality and digital transformation objectives. Make complex quality control processes understandable!

Cover Cosmo Project

Cosmo Research Project

The COSMO project aimed to research and developvdata-driven techniques that would enable more efficient content creation for assembly training for AR and VR applications and allow such applications to adapt to the skill level of the individual operator.
The project also investigated the impact of AR and VR training on operators' learning processes and on stress levels.


Manual: How-to make better work instructions & SOPs

Creating digital work instructions and SOPs is a tough nut to crack. In this Ebook you'll discover how to increase your production and growth by using the right tools and methods in making great work instructions.

Cover SOP & Work Instruction Templat

SOP & Work Instruction Template

Optimize your work instructions with our step-by- step user manual templates. A simple template or digital working instruction tool can help you with effortlessly writing and creating SOP's and digital work instructions that make your operations more efficient. Ready to grow your business.


How to get started with QRM

Want to know more about the ins and outs of quick response manufacturing (QRM)? Download our e-book to find out how to boost your productivity in your factory.